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Step 1. Blend 1 medium onion with four green chillies.

Step 2. Place 450 grams (1lb) of lamb into a large bowl.

Step 3.  Add the blended onion and chillies and 1 table spoon of flour to the mince. Also add 1 sachet of ‘Kebab Spice’ and mix well.


Step 4. Add 2 medium sized potatoes which have been grated and squeezed to remove excess water and mix well.

Step 5. Using a jam jar lid make the kebabs and place them on a hot griddle and shallow fry.


Step 6. Cook equally on both sides until the kebab is cooked, this can vary depending how rare you like your lamb.

Step 7. Finally serve hot on a bed of salad with the spicy garlic dip.

Each box contains enough Kebab Spice and Dip Mix to make approximately 40 Kebabs

To make approximately 20 Kebabs the following additional ingredients are required:

450 grams of Lamb mince (or Mutton or Beef)

1 table spoon of flour

One medium onion

4 Green Chillis

2 Medium potatoes


1 cup of Yogurt for the Dip Mix